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Roof Trusses

We have over 31 years' experience in making roof trusses. We use the original truss plate system; market-leaders Gang-Nail, to design and engineer all of our trusses and joists. Our designers have been through the highest levels of training to ensure you will always get the most cost effiective design possible, maximising the potentual of the Gang-Nail system.


We specialise in extensions to match the existing that are often too complex for other companies. We can be flexible with lead times for smaller jobs, and are always happy to come on site and measure to ensure your trusses are just right.


We will always provide a full quotation with everything that is needed for the roof structure - no hidden extras.


We can design and engineer complex roofs that many others cannot, and we can fit all of our trusses - please ask for a fitting quote.


Have a look in the gallery under "Featured Projects" to see what we do.

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